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Sponsorship Program

The Drillers Soccer Club is one of the largest, most respected and most active soccer clubs in Edmonton. We offer a strong and successful program to hundreds of players of all ages from youth all the way up to adult.

Our teams compete throughout the Edmonton area, other major centres in Alberta and in other provinces from time to time.  This means that any of our sponsors get thousands of impressions for their company and their brand.  We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available to companies who are interested in supporting and promoting competitive soccer in Edmonton and beyond.

We have three levels of general club wide sponsorship available.



This level of sponsorship gives you the most diverse and extensive exposure for your company. And, it is limited to only four companies each season which gives you a level of exclusivity many youth sports sponsors do not get. Sponsors at this level will get the following recognition for one full season which includes both the indoor and the outdoor soccer seasons:

  • Your corporate logo on our website recognizing your company as one of our premiere sponsors (with a link to your company website if desired).
  • Your logo on all tryout invites that we send to hundreds of players for each of the two sessions.
  • Imprinting of your logo on the t-shirts handed out to all tryout participants.
  • Imprinting of your logo on all practice shirts that the players wear throughout the year.
  • Recognition as a premiere sponsor on all posters and other marketing pieces that may be distributed.
  • First right of refusal to renew the sponsorship for the next season.


Cost for one season:   $3000


Our second level of sponsorship gives you great exposure for your company and includes:

  • Website recognition as a gold sponsor (smaller logo than Platinum).
  • Logo on tryout t-shirts (smaller than Platinum).
  • Poster and marketing presence (smaller logo than Platinum).


Cost for one season:   $2000


With this sponsorship you will get the following:

  • Website recognition as a silver sponsor (smaller logo yet than Gold).
  • Poster & marketing presence (smaller logo than Gold).


Cost for one season:   $1000

The Drillers Soccer club has a large banner for each of its teams that are displayed prominently at all league games throughout the season identifying the team by who they are – Drillers 1997 Girls for example.  These banners are also used at all tournaments and playoff games (with the potential here being provincial and even possible national exposure).  They are large, prominent and offer your company an opportunity for lots of great exposure with thousands of soccer fans.  We have two opportunities – one that is club wide and one that is specific to a team. 


Club Wide

There are only three sponsorships available that are club wide. You will get your corporate logo on every single team banner that the club fields meaning that your company will be featured all over Edmonton and surrounding area and all over the province to thousands of people. The Club typically fields 10 – 15 teams in each season. 

Cost for three seasons:   

Team Specific

There is also an opportunity to sponsor only one team or specific teams of your choice. This sponsorship is limited to two per team with the funds going directly to the sponsored team.

Cost per team for one season:   $1000

Each season, we have hundreds of players tryout for the Drillers Soccer Club and we have an opportunity for you to participate in a way that will promote your business to all of them.  Each player is given a package of coupons to take home at the end of tryouts.  The great part of this sponsorship is that it is totally up to you what you want to offer – discount on merchandise, simple advertising message, or what have you.  This is a fabulous opportunity to promote your business and increase your exposure and sales to hundreds of soccer players each tryout session.  You supply whatever you want to give away.

Cost per tryout session:   $500